Monday, February 7, 2011

California "Babymoon"

We went on a relaxing weekend getaway to San Diego this past weekend. My sister and Mom watched Parker so we could have a little "alone time" before the baby comes. 
I got to spend the weekend all alone with this handsome man... I know I'm pretty lucky!

 We had to document how huge my stomach is right now-- 6 more weeks until my due date!
 Our weekend pretty much consisted of eating lots of yummy food, these were strawberry crepes from Champagne French Bakery. My new favorite seafood place to eat at is called Blue Water Seafood! I ate the most amazing halibut sandwich and Steve's mahi mahi and shark taco's were delicious too! One night we were so full but still had a craving for a strawberry shake from In-N-Out that we parked our car, leaned our seats back and let our food digest for ten minutes before ordering our shake-- no joke!! Just call me "fatty fatty 2 x 4!" We laughed pretty hard that we actually did that, but it helped make room for that delicious shake, I must say! Now, I am done with eating out and I'm going off of eating sugar for at least a couple of weeks!
 We also got to go out with our dear friends, Liz and Dave. We always love spending time with them!
 Saturday morning we went and got couples massages (it was relaxing but I have to say, my massage therapist wasn't very good.) It was a really fun experience though!
 And we can't go to San Diego without eating at Roberto's (at least a couple of times!) We did however talk nonstop about Parker and how cute he is and how much we loved and missed him! Everything we did, we would say "Oh man, Parker would love this!" We called about five times to talk to him and he was too cute for words on the phone. He sang "Eee-i-eee-i-oh" and "The Wheels On The Bus" for us, said "Hi Mommy and Daddy" so perfectly, and even finished the conversation with "I U" (I love you), "eeeee ya" (see ya), and "bubba" (bye bye!) We loved spending time together but we realized that we were ready to go home by the third day, and got news that my sister-in-law had her baby (three weeks early) that morning! So we moved our flight home a few hours earlier so we could go see their new baby (and see our baby sooner!) 
 Congrats Tanner and Meredith! He is so precious!
 We both came to the realization that we are such "parents" because every kid we saw on our trip, we pointed out how cute they were and then talked nonstop about Parker again. I love being a mommy and I can't wait to have another one. My time away from Parker made me appreciate even the hard days when I'm absolutely exhausted from his "curious and excited personality"... they are all worth it and I wouldn't have it any other way!
 Look at that little face! 
We're excited for our little guy to join our family so very soon!


  1. So fun! I want to go on a babymoon and I'm not even pregnant!!

  2. Very cute pics!! I'm glad you had fun!! Parker sure is adorable, Mike and I were just talking how we miss him! We need to see you guys soon!

  3. You look great! I can't believe you're due in 6 weeks. I was so HUGE with Lily, that by the time I was around 30 weeks, people were asking how many more days until I was due. Looks like you had a great trip!

  4. What a fun time! Jealous! !! Congratulations Tanner & Merideth! HE'S SO cute & can't wait to meet your new little Guy ;)

  5. that must have been relaxing to get away for a few! I can't believe you are due in 6 weeks! holy CRAP! I don't know if he can compete with parkers looks. =-) haha, he's going to be the cutest!

  6. aww you look so cute... I love your flats.. where did you get them? I need some :)

  7. It was fun to have Parker around. He's so funny! He made us laugh, and chase him, and chase him more...we were ready for bed earlier than usual.