Thursday, February 10, 2011

Parkers Favorite Girl (Besides his mother of course!)

"Bella's here! Bella's here! I've got to scarf down this piece of cheese real quick before she sees me. I don't want her to think I'm a pig or something!"
Bella: "Hi honey! Umm... what did I tell you about sucking that pacifier? You are getting a little old for that, don't you think?"
 Parker: "Hey, I'm cutting back okay. Just give it back so we can watch cartoons together!" 
Bella: "Alright, sweetie. When are you going to take me out on a date?"
Parker: "I'll ask my mom if she can take us to Red Robin. You and me, eating french fries and sipping lemonade... it will be magical!"
Bella: "Hi cupcake! I'm here!"
 Parker: "Let me get the door for you Bella. I don't want you to get anything on your cute outfit! I love your big read flower in your hair by the way! Looks real nice!"
Bella: "(Blushing) Oh this old flower?? Well thanks! I just threw this outfit together really fast!"
I'm so glad he is such a gentlemen. He makes me so proud. (Tear)

*By the way, Parker says her name ALL the time and asks for "Be-wa!" And the other day when they played together at the park, they would randomly give each other hugs every few minutes and then go off and play again. It was pretty darn cute! :) *


  1. That's my girl! You get your picture whispering skills from me! Such a cute post!!