Monday, February 14, 2011

The Things That I Love

These are some of the things that I love: (I wish my post could include everyone and everything that I love, but that would take a year... so if you are reading this-- just know that I LOVE YOU! ;)

I LOVE seeing Parkers face light up when Steve walks into the room and listening to him scream "Daddy!" I also love seeing him sending his daddy off to work... even though it can be a bit traumatic and very sad to watch most days! He LOVES his dad. He wants to do EVERYTHING that Steve is doing. Sometimes, he has little meltdowns when his daddy even walks out of the room, and sometimes he even has to go with daddy in the bathroom (so much for privacy right?) But its only because he wants to be just like him and doesn't want to miss out on anything. Can you blame him? 
He is such a good daddy
 I love seeing Parker in just his diaper. He is one solid little tank. I especially love his root beer belly!
 I love my mom. I want to be like her. She is simply an optimistic person and she always gives people the benefit of a doubt. She keeps me grounded. I am so grateful that she's my mother. I always know who to call when I am feeling down, stressed or confused. She always knows how to look at the bright side of things... which I need to learn a little better. I feel the same way about my dad too. He always knows the right thing to say (when he's being serious... he likes to tease too!) He shows so much love to my mom and our whole family and I am so grateful that he is my father and my children's Papa! The Lord knew what he was doing when he sent me to them. My heart aches for any of my friends that have lost their parents. There are a couple of ladies in my ward that have faced so many trials and don't have their moms to lean on. It makes me appreciate and to never take my parents for granted.
 I love my sisters and sisters-in-law! I have to give Krista a little shout out though. It's funny, we seriously fought like cats and dogs growing up. We couldn't even share a room, it was that bad at times! :) But if anyone were to ever say one "not so nice thing" about her (or me), we had each others backs! Now that we are "adults," we get along great! She has the kindest heart. I love that she calls Parker (almost on a daily basis) just to say hi and talk to him. He often hands me my cell phone and says "Kita!" She watched Parker (along with my mom) so we could go on our California babymoon. And she is going to come stay with him when I have my baby. She watches him almost every Thursday when I go to my parents house to do hair, and never ever complains. I hope she knows how much we all love and appreciate her. 
I love having fun neighbors/friends! I love that at our last girls night, we could talk about really deep things (although I'm embarrassed that I cried a little when I started talking about my Grandpa... I can't even mention his name with out tearing up, it's weird.) And I love that we can be goofy and laugh and talk about silly, stupid things! 
I love my life. It's as simple as that. I am so blessed to have so many wonderful people in my life.
I especially love Shari's facial expression in this picture!
Happy Valentines Day everyone!


  1. I am happy you have a lot of love in your life :) And as far as the mother of the year award post.. I just can't believe how mean that man was! Geez he should totally read your blog.. he would feel like such a fool.. I think you are a great mom!!

  2. Amen to Brianna's comment! Loved the love post! Love you!

  3. I'm blushing... thanks. It's easy to be that kind of mom when I have the greatest daughters in the world! I sure love you and you'll never know all the wonderful things YOU have taught ME. I also love that you entertain me! Thanks for the kind words honey! Love you.

  4. Thanks, Erin! You're so nice! I love you and I L.O.V.E Parker! He's so cute! I love that he actually has a little chat with me on the phone! He's my lil' man!!