Thursday, March 3, 2011

Goin' To The Zoo!

I've been busy enjoying the beautiful Arizona weather, that I haven't made time for blogging. Last week, my friend Shari invited us to go to the zoo (along with our friend Krystal that I didn't get any pictures of. Sorry!) I'm trying to get out of the house as much as possible before our new little guy arrives! Parker absolutely loved it! He is obsessed with animals!
My little stud muffin wore his sunglasses almost the entire time. He doesn't even mess with them!

 Bella was color coordinated with the zebras. That little girl has the worlds cutest wardrobe!

 My favorite animal was this little monkey that was sun bathing against the glass. He laid there like that for a long time, it was so funny!

Parker enjoyed playing on the kids playground

My favorite part of the day was watching Parker interact with the goats. His Nana and Papa have goats so he walked around like he owned the place. He was not afraid to get close to them and pet them...
Or sit on them. :)
 Bella thought the goats were dogs and kept yelling "doggy!" It was so cute!

 Parker looked at the goat and signed "baby." Maybe he has a sixth sense and knows when a goat is expecting or something.
He always keeps me entertained! Thanks Shari for the fun day!

2 1/2 more weeks till my due date by the way... hopefully sooner, but we'll see!


  1. What a blast! I SO love Parker's sunglasses & his beautiful girlfriend! He has great taste ;) I REALLY love him sitting on the goat! Can't wait to meet another adorable son of yours & Steve!

  2. Such a cute little guy! I can't wait to see if his little brother looks just like him! I can't believe you're almost due... I'm so excited for you!! We should do something sometime... call me if you need a distraction while you're trying to survive these last few weeks, I'd love to see you!

  3. LOVE the pics of Parker and the goats! He is so dang cute!

  4. Those glasses are so dang cute! I love that he wears them and doesn't mess with them! Good Luck with the new baby. I can't wait for the weather out here to get warm enough to enjoy it!

  5. Oh my gosh, Parker is sitting on a goat. That just made my morning!

  6. What a cute 'baby couple'!! I know why he signed 'baby' to the goat. We took him out to the goat pen at our house where Essie had new baby goats. We signed 'baby' when we showed him our baby goats. Maybe he thinks all goats should have babies.

  7. Adorable pics! Especially him sitting on the goat! He's soooooo stinkin cute!