Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Dangers of Batteries

My dear childhood friend, Karla and her husband Mike, are dealing with the hardest tragedy that has turned into a miracle. Their sweet son Emmett swallowed a battery from a remote control a few months back. It was so toxic that it actually burned a hole through his esophagus. He has been in and out of the hospital undergoing major surgeries and treatments over the past few months. Please keep them in your prayers and be aware of the serious dangers of batteries. Do whatever you can to keep your children away from batteries.
We love you Emmett! You are such a little trooper! 
Go Emmett! Go!


  1. I think emmett has proved SO many times that he will beat ALL odds and fight for his life! Emmett we love you! All of the Rauch family is in our prayers

  2. Whoah. Small world. My sister and I went to high school with Michael. Sad about their baby. Hope he makes a full recovery.....

  3. Wow, hope he's doing well. How scary.