Monday, April 4, 2011

What A Week!

This little man was one sick boy last week. He had a bad case of the flu that lasted 5 long days. It was so sad to see my happy, energetic, playful little boy so lethargic and lifeless all week. Just when I thought he was getting better, he would throw up and have diarrhea again. The only perk (and I feel bad saying this) is that I got lots of cuddle time with him. He would fall asleep in my arms and we were able to take naps together which was kind of fun. But I am happy that he is all better now!
 He was a mommy's boy during the day, but once daddy got home from work-- he was a daddy's boy all the way. Steve was so helpful and cleaned up a lot of the throw up (which by the way is very hard to get rid of on padded highchairs!) 
We had to keep him away from his sweet little brother to ensure that he didn't get him sick... because that would have been bad! Is it just me, or is he just too precious for words?
He is back to normal and happy as a clam again, thank goodness! Now they can get close and hug and kiss all they want. Ah, it's so nice to have my happy Parker boy back!


  1. Know how you feel...we had the same bug at our house. Worse part it started with Brayden then Mattie then Kylee then Mommy and then Daddy. Brayden & I got it the worst. By the end of the week I was in tears and literally praying that this flu/plege (? spell)would leave our house and family. Glad Parker boy is feeling better and no one else got sick. Love you all! Can't wait to snuggle both those boys (especially Hudson :( )

  2. Glad Parker is feeling better! Hope I don't read a blog about Hudson catching it or you or Steve either! What a couple of cuties you have.

  3. Poor little guy! I'm glad he is feeling better!

    By the way, Parker's bedroom is super cute!

  4. I know you were pretty much DONE with sickies! He's so sweet and it's so sad to see him sick like that. Glad he's better now.