Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blessing Day for Hudson

Hudson was blessed today at our church. He wore the same tuxedo that his brother Parker wore so that was pretty special. And he was SUCH a good boy-- he slept the whole time! He has the mildest, sweetest temperament... except for when he eats! He is the loudest little grunter when he eats, not a mad fussy loud, just a very determined, focused, put the milk in my belly now loud. He cracks me up!
 I was overwhelmed with gratitude for all of the family support that we had. Thanks everyone who came to share this special day with us!
 The sun was very bright! But we had to get a family pic!

 After the blessing, we had everyone over to our house for a yummy brunch in honor of our sweet Hudson boy. 
 Have you ever tried the mini lemon cakes from Costco? If you like lemon-- you will love them!
 I thought everything turned out delicious! 
 I had everyone convinced that the milk man delivered the milk... doesn't he come to your house???
 Hudson with Papa Ralph and Mimi
 Nana and Papa and our little family
 My mom and I and her sisters, Kristie and Patty (who by the way are THE COOLEST!... seriously.)
 This picture isn't the greatest but I had to post one of my brother-in-law, Mike-- he shaved his head! I thought it was pretty awesome that he had the guts to do it (its something he has wanted to do his whole life for some reason!) 
 Me and my Daddy

 Sorry Tara for not including you in any of the photos-- you left before we finally got a chance to take pictures! I almost bought the dress you wore today-- good thing I didn't because it looked WAY better on you! ;) 
I would have posted more pictures of Hudson... but he had a major blowout in his beautiful white tux-- don't worry Lori-- Oxiclean came to the rescue and its as good as new!

Thanks for the amazing day! We're so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends! We love you Hudson boy!


  1. These pictures are great! Congrats :)

  2. You look so pretty! And your boys are handsome. My boys wore an outfit like that for their blessing also! I love it!

  3. So glad I actually made it to this baby blessing ;) Hudson was such a good boy and he looked SO handsome! Thanks for all the yummy food! Love you!

  4. Aww that little white tux is so cute, but not as cute as the baby wearing it. What a fun party!

  5. You all are a beautiful family, you can really see the happiness and love all around you!