Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Need For Sleep

When I was pregnant with Parker, I read BabyWise because I was so nervous about the whole sleep thing! However, I didn't really start putting him on a solid schedule until he was around 7 months old and I had reached my "breaking point". The need for some consistency was a must. I remember the day that I finally just laid him down (because I knew he was tired)... he didn't even make a peep. And he has been a great napper ever since! However, if I wait too long and don't lay him down by 12:30 at the latest-- he won't take a nap. When I tell him "It's time to go nigh-night," he literally will lay his head on my shoulder and off we go, up the stairs and I lay him down for his two hour nap. When he wakes up, he is all smiles and ready to pick up where he left off for the day. It's fantastic!!! 

We had a big day planned the day before Easter so we planned on holding off his nap and were going to lay him down at my in-laws house-- but he was just too tired, he couldn't last. He fell asleep just like this while watching cartoons on our bed, and he would not wake up for the life of him! I shouted his name, tickled his back, stroked his head and kept telling him to wake up. But he wouldn't budge. Poor little guy. We ended up picking him up and putting him in the car (in hopes that he would go back to sleep, but that never happened... hence the phrase-- never wake a sleeping child!)
 Now that I kind of know what I'm doing with the whole "schedule thing," I decided that I was going to start much earlier with Hudson. The whole BabyWise theory is basically wake, feed, play, sleep. He has caught on SO well! That is why I have time to even blog about this right now!
 I went to the grocery store today and I had five different people look at me wide-eyed and say "Wow, you have your hands full!!" I just looked and them with a smile and responded "Yes, isn't it great?! I wouldn't have it any other way. :)"
Because being a mom really is the most rewarding, unpaid profession out there! And I really wouldn't have it ANY other way! I love my boys.

 P.S. Hudson is getting so big! Don't you think??


  1. Adorable! It only takes 1 time of waking a sleeping child to know you NEVER want to do that again;) yes hudson is getting way to big! I love the picture where you can see both his dimples real good

  2. So cute! I did the schedule thing with Ethan, and it worked like a charm. Lily, not so much. I definitely think the kids (and I) need a schedule. Haha, I'm with you on the grocery store thing. Just wait til those two start fighting while you're trying to shop :) I tell those people the exact same thing. I don't know what I would do without them!

  3. I heard about that baby wise book... I need to get it.. since my baby is due soon!! Hudson is so cute...

  4. Hudson looks so much like you in these pictures Eric. If I put Joss down for a nap too late she won't sleep and just cries.