Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Grateful for Fathers

I was raised by a very kind, loving, funny, spiritual and wise father. He taught me so much about what's most important in life and to always put the Savior and my family first, not matter what. He never yelled, he just talked very sternly when needed. He loved (and still loves) to spend quality time with his family, even with his busy, hectic schedule. I truly love my dad. We would go hiking together when I was younger (just me and him) and that was one of the greatest memories I have with him. He would make time to take each of us girls (there are four of us) on a "Daddy- daughter date." Those were the best! I still remember the time he took me to TCBY... if any of you know me, you know that I have an extreme love for ice cream! I am so grateful that I had him as an example because he set the bar for what kind of a man I wanted to marry and to be the father of my children.
And boy did I catch an amazing man! I still have to slap myself sometimes and make sure it is real life because my husband is such an incredible person. He is so much like my father it kind of scares me sometimes. He is so kind-hearted and cares so much about other people. He is such a good dad to our children; so patient and loving. Parker would do anything to be just like his dad. He is his shadow whenever Steve is around and wants to do everything that he is doing. Hudson smiles and laughs at him every time he even looks in his direction. I love seeing him interact with them, it honestly makes my heart melt. 
He always knows how to make Parker laugh and be silly (along with me too!)
I am so grateful that he gave me the ability to become a mother to this insanely happy baby!

 And to this wildly hilarious little boy!

 I know that Father's Day was on Sunday and it is now Wednesday, but I figured it is never to late to let them know how I feel. Thank you: to the two greatest dads in my life. I sure love you.

 I hope you both know how much we all (Parker, Hudson and I) love and appreciate you!


  1. So cute! You have such an adorable family!!! And your dad is awesome! So is Steve! What great men to have in your life!

  2. I guess we do have men in our lives that 'set the bar'. I had my dad, and then I found your dad... man, how did I get so lucky!!! I think you did very well too!! ;D

  3. Great post! Love the pics, especially of dad with the boys in his lap & of Hudson laughing at Tara! So cute!