Thursday, June 9, 2011

Guess Who's 3 Months Old Today?

Hudson is!!!
 I know he's my son, but come on-- is he not the cutest little thing you've ever seen? He's even sweeter in person, if you can believe that! He is now "goo-ing" and smiling all the time. He laughed for the first time last Saturday, daddy was the lucky winner to make him laugh (of course!) He is getting more and more alert and follows me with his eyes while I do things around the house and is perfectly content if he's in the same room as me. The second I walk away though, he starts to cry. I guess he likes my aroundness (like his dad always tells me.) He now weighs 13.8 lbs! I love how chunky he is getting!
 My only worry is that he is growing up WAY too fast! If I could freeze time and keep him in this stage for a little longer, that would be so great! It's so fun to see each new milestone with him though. He loves people and people love him, so life is pretty good!
Don't you just want to kiss those cute little cheeks? 
Happy 3 month birthday Doc! (Steve nicknamed him Doc, after Doc Hudson from the movie Cars.)


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  2. wow that went by fast! He is adorable!!

  3. He is so sweet!! I love his cheeks and his big eyes! I can't wait to see him this weekend!! We have missed you guys!

  4. You do have adorable boys!!!!

  5. Whoa! That went FAST! He's such a big boy!!!!!

  6. I love these pictures! He is such an adorable little guy :)