Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What a Doozy!

I got the pleasure of spending the rest of my week with one of my closest friends/cousins, Liz. We were so excited for Parker and William to finally see each other again! They hadn't seen each other since they were babies and they use to hug, squeal and kiss each other whenever they were together! This time started out a little bit rougher... they are at the toddler age now where sharing is a lot harder and everything is a bit more competitive!
 I feel like Parker was looking up at me like "You mean I get to sit on this beautiful, white couch Mom??" ... Yes Parker-- but please be very careful!
 "Wow... this is nice!"
Hudson has had a bad case of thrush that we just can't kick. Even though he is still dealing with that, he is such a happy baby for the most part. 
I didn't realize how much work it was going to be. With different nap schedules, teething, fevers, tantrums, crying, thrush, and many time-outs.... Liz and I were completely exhausted by bed time!! Right when we would get them all down to bed and the house was finally quiet, we would look at each other, wide-eyed and jump up and down not knowing what to do first! One evening, David (Liz's very sweet husband) stayed home with all three kids so we could go see a movie and get frozen yogurt! What a treat I tell you! The other nights consisted of eating ice cream and watching The Bachelorette and Jane Austin movies! 
There he is again, sleeping so peacefully while we were at the park!
Liz and I had grand plans of going to the zoo and possibly Sea World while I was there. After our first encounter with taking them to the mall and only being able to go to two stores, we decided to forgo those plans and stay close to home. The grocery store and park were the only places we took them after that!
We stayed inside and talked, laughed, and Liz even modeled her sweet baby wrap for me! I have got to get one of those!
By the third day, Parker and William were finally warmed up to each other and decided to be friends! 
It was so cute to see them line up against the wall and yell "GO!" and then run as fast as they could to the family room, with their snacks in hand. :)
William was so cute and said "Cheese" when I took this picture! I'm going to miss that little guy.
And then, it was time for us to all head back to the desert... the very HOT desert. Liz and William came along so that she could spend some time with her parents for a few days. 
Thanks Liz for inviting our crazy little bunch to come and stay for the week! The girl talk, ice cream and giggles made all the craziness worth it! 

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  1. I love reading your blog. I love when you can tell that a mom REALLY loves being a mom even though it's hard. You have such a sweet, beautiful family!

    I totally know what you mean about the thrush. BLEH! Hannah got that when she was 3 days old. They say it's not "agitating" to babies, but I beg to differ. She was 3 days old and didn't eat for like 10 straight hours that day. Newborns DON'T do that.

    Hope you've gotten a handle on it! Good luck!