Sunday, August 14, 2011

Isn't It Grand?

Has anyone ever been to the Arizona Grand Resort (formally known as The Point South Mountain)? It is AMAZING! I got really behind in my blogging and never got around to posting about our stay there, but I decided better late than never. 
We went and had a little "stay-cation" this summer with my husband's two brothers and their wives and kids. The guys went to their Pre-Paid Legal convention during the day while us ladies took care of our babies, fed, talked, and got them down for naps. We all went swimming and enjoyed floating in the lazy river and soaking up the sun all afternoon. The first night we got there, we realized we were all starving and ordered a pizza. The only problem was that they forgot about us so after an hour and a half of waiting and getting angry because we were famished at that point, our husbands went and picked it up and we got our pizza's for FREE. So it all worked out in the end (it always does:))

 Cousins :)

 Hudson enjoyed soaking up the sun (but he wasn't a fan of the lazy river... it was a bit too cold for him.)

My favorite part of the whole weekend was watching little Parker play and explore. Check it out...

It's the small things in life that keep this boy entertained. Like for instance: Trying on women's shoes, scooping rocks into a cup, stretching into the downward facing dog yoga pose, those are just a few things that we captured during the day. That kid seriously cracks me up!
 It was fun to see little Hadley cuddle up to Lindsay in her adorable swim suit and sun hat!
 And watching Parker laugh while his Aunt Meredith danced around with him was simply priceless. 
 If you ever need a fun getaway, but don't want to leave the valley, go take a stay-cation somewhere. Arizona is known for our incredible resorts and water parks. I would highly recommend it!
We had a "grand" ol' time (no pun intended!)


  1. Your boys are adorable! What a fun summer you've had! Love the curious george party.

  2. That was so fun! We definitely will have to do it again sometime!