Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Lazy Week in Pinetop

I was lucky enough to leave the scorching summer heat and head up to the Nielson family cabin in the mountains with Liz last week. It was just what I needed. The boys had fun playing outside enjoying the weather, swinging, playing with toys, and snacking on yummy food all day!
I. love. Liz. (and William too!) Our conversations are never dull! She is so easy and fun to be around! We basically lounged around all day, talking, eating, and playing with the boys! She also got me hooked on the BBC mini series, Cranford! I'm dying to see the second season!
William wasn't sure if Parker was a threat to him at first... but by the end, he didn't want us to leave. I think through time, they will be best buds the second they see each other. They had a good time playing together, and it was way easier than the last time they were together!
My favorite part about their cabin is the porch swings. We sat there and listened to thunderstorms almost daily. It was heaven.
Hudson was so happy (as usual) the entire time. He just looked around and watched whoever was in the room with him, while occasionally goo-ing. What a good baby he is.
They were busy exploring!
Liz's sister had planted the most beautiful flower garden in the backyard before we arrived. 
My favorite moment of the week was laying next to this cute little boy on the grass lawn and listening to the wind blow through the pine trees. Hudson was so relaxed and happy the whole time. We snuggled and talked and had our little mother-son bonding moment while his big brother napped upstairs. :)

I love watching them play together.

They wuv each udder.

Baby's are the best!

They found sticks and loved swinging them in the air like swords and splashing water with them! Such boys!
This moment was priceless. They were all on the floor listening to Liz reading stories and every single one of them was into it. 
Thanks Liz for having us again. We love spending time with you guys! ;)


  1. Look! I made a comment! You are special. :) Seriously, I love you too and I'm glad you came up with me. I would have been huddled in the fetal position in my bed at night if it weren't for you! Sorry about the crazy sleeping and hitting and your awful migraine! Other than that, we had a great time! Love ya!

  2. That looks so fun! your little boys are too cute together!!