Thursday, September 8, 2011

Is this Deja Vu?

I know you probably think I am reposting the same picture I posted with Andrea a couple of years ago, when little Carter got blessed. But we just so happened to have babies around the same time-- again! Weird huh? Carter and Parker are 5 days apart. And little Lincoln and Hudson are about four months apart... close enough though, right? 
The picture below was taken two years ago at Carter's blessing brunch. (I think I liked my hair better then... I'm not loving my style right now.)
Anyway, back to Lincoln's blessing...
It was so fun to see everybody again. Andrea is ALWAYS fun to talk to. She has the BEST sense of humor, especially in her writing. Oh. My. Goodness. Read her blog and you will understand what I mean! I'm trying to convince her to move out here... we shall see...
 Hudson is starting to grow blonde peach fuzz! Can you see it?
 Parker and Carter were so happy to be reunited again (it has been a while since they've seen each other!) I think a play date needs to happen soon...

I think they had fun. Here's the evidence:

Parker also got to play the banjo while he was there, how cool is that?!
 Babies are so fun! Thanks for inviting us to Lincoln's blessing Jon and Andrea! Let's plan on having our next babies at the same time again, this is working out quite nicely. :)


  1. So, whenever you guys are ready, just give us a call, right? I was thinking June 22, mark your calendar.

    Love our boys, all FOUR of them!

    And to complete this random that's a lot of pressure telling people I'm funny and to read my blog. I suddenly feel like I need to spend hours drafting something witty to post. But instead, I think I'll go eat a cookie.

    Good seeing you guys!

  2. Don't take her to your side! I need a cool friend over here :)