Friday, September 9, 2011

6 months old already???

I cannot believe our little Hudson is already 6 months old today! Where has time gone??? I feel like he is growing so fast, but each new stage seriously gets cuter! 
Hudson is, and I've said this before, the world's happiest baby! He is all smiles almost all the time. He likes to watch his big brother play all day long and he studies everything around him. You can tell just by the way he looks at things, that he is very smart. I love how when he smiles, his eyes light up. We always say that his "eyes smile." I can already tell that he is going to be a charmer with the ladies because of those adorable dimples and big brown eyes. His spirit is so sweet and kind. I know he will also be a peacemaker. Oh, how I love my little Hudson. 

6 Month Milestones:
He can roll over and reach for things around him now... and man does he have a good grip! He is officially on the bottle now. He has now tried eating sweet peas, sweet potatoes, and rice cereal with apples. He likes food pretty good. He loves to kick in his bouncer, suck on his hands (or really anything he can get his hands on), smile, be sung to, or read to, or even talked to. He really is just happy to be here. And we are so happy he is in our family! What a blessing it is to have his sweet little spirit in our home. 
 Look at that cute little tongue!

 He's so cute, I don't even know what to do with myself sometimes! 
 Monkey feet. :)

Happy 6 month birthday Baby boy! You truly light up our lives.
I know I'm their mom... but man-- they are cute kids!

Photos courtesy of Sierra Studios Photography... she did an amazing job! 


  1. Oh my gosh - that really is one of the cutest kids i have eve seen!!

  2. love love love these photos! I can't believe he is already 6 months! Time flies! He is such a sweetheart!

  3. So happy for you! Hudson sounds like such a sweet blessing :)