Thursday, October 20, 2011

I can fix that

 "Uh-oh mommy. Do you see this problem??... 
"...wait... wait... I can fix this!"
 "There we go!"
 "Wait a second, what is this anyway? I've never used a sippy before!"
 "But I like it!"
 "I'm a big boy now! Mommy says that I'm growing way too fast."
 "So what if I can sit up all by myself like a pro. No big deal! She takes so many pictures of me doing this all day long, I don't get it!"
"That's right everybody, I'm sitting up now. I'm working on learning how to crawl, should happen any day! I'm just trying to keep up with my big brother... that kid is all over the place!" :)


  1. I love how chubby our second boys are! Love it!

  2. He is getting so big! Adorable!! He looks just like you.

  3. He is so cute! It seemed like Lily picked up on things really quickly too from watching Ethan. How old is he now?