Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sea World Part II

We treated ourself to a $4 iced lemonade because it sounded delicious! 
Hudson didn't last (he doesn't drink frozen lemonade anyway) very long. This little guy needed a power nap!

We liked the Sea Lion Live show the best! It was adorable and quite funny I must say!

These birds were not afraid of anyone. They would walk right up to anyone holding a fish to feed the seals and didn't hold back at all. It was hilarious!
Hudson had fun at the Pet's Rule show
His favorite part was making the completely wasted men behind us laugh uncontrollably. All he had to do was smile at them and they LOVED it, they had a little too much to drink that day. But really, how does that smile not make you want to laugh, drunk or not? He is too adorable for words.

I will admit, my least favorite show at Sea World is the Shamu show. Sue me. Maybe my expectations are too high for that show, it just didn't do anything for me. But I do think they are magnificent creatures!
We finished off the day taking Parker on a couple of the kids rides. For being tired and not getting a nap, he was in heaven. It was getting him off of the rides and into the stroller to leave that was the most challenging part! ha ha!
Hudson cuddled right up to his daddy and fell fast asleep while Parker went on the rides.

We had fun eating Blue Water Sea food for dinner that night and then enjoying Thrifty ice cream
 and watching Parenthood (my favorite show) after the kids went to bed. I love vacation. I don't know if I mentioned that yet. :)
I'll leave you with this amazing picture of Parker eating his ice cream (he gets his excitement and love for ice cream from his mama!)
More on our trip later... 

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  1. Oh my heck, your kids are seriously adorable!! I want to eat Hudson's cheeks and Parker just makes you smile too! How fun, I'm so glad you guys got to go on a family vacation!!!