Monday, November 28, 2011

Oodles of Knudles Reunited!

We had a Thanksgiving to remember, celebrating with my great grandma Knudsen's side of the family! We all got together at my parents house and had loads of fun (especially the children!) We had activities ranging from train rides pulled by a quad, old fashioned team-building games, breaking open a piƱata and the best was the crazy cute Talent Show. Some of the talents that were shared were jump roping, singing, trumpet and keyboard playing, dance routines, and even balancing on a long balance beam. It was pretty awesome. :) 
Us Weathersby's do things the "untraditional way." We eat our Thanksgiving dinner on paper plates because there are just too many of us-- it would take HOURS to do dishes after dinner... and who really wants to spend their entire Thanksgiving doing that? We also love being outside and let the kids run wild. Some kids DIDN'T want to leave-- like ever. They begged their mom's to stay FOREVER. I can't blame them. My parents have a pretty darn fun house. I consider myself pretty darn lucky blessed.
I am truly thankful for my crazy fun, wild family.

 My favorite part of the day was watching Kayden do his belly roll for us after his grandma begged him to. That kid is awesome.

Even though Kristie and Patty are not technically "Knudsens" they are a part of our family and it wouldn't be Thanksgiving without them there! I am truly thankful for them. 

My dad insisted on feeding Hudson on his lap. Hudson enjoyed every single bite, especially because it was spooned into his mouth with so much love.
Now it's time to get my butt back into gear. I seriously gained 2 pounds in four days... no joke. But man, it tasted great going down. :)

All of my Christmas decorations are up and I am now in complete Christmas mode. The Michael Buble christmas cd is A. MAZE. ING. 

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  1. What a fun Thanksgiving, you had quite the crowd! Your little boys are too cute, and growing up so fast! Hope you have a great Christmas!