Sunday, December 4, 2011

Growing Up

Check out the new shirt I found at The Gap-- it was meant for my little Hudson! He is getting so big. Some of his latest milestones are:
*He says Dada all the time now
*He waves hello and goodbye
*He loves pizza crust... but don't ever take it away from him-- it will end in a major baby meltdown!
*He is still happy and smiley as can be
*He loves dancing and bouncing to music
*He sleeps through the night and still takes 2 naps (plus another little one in the early evening!)
*He adores his big brother and vise versa
*He is a mama's boy (don't worry Steve, he still loves you to death)
*He is a cuddle bug-- big time!!
*He fits into size 3 shoes and wears 12 month clothing
*He still has no teeth but likes to gum things
*Still no crawling yet... but I'm really okay with that! It's fine by me if he waits till after Christmas is over and all of my decorations are put away. :) What a good boy he is!

 He fits into my favorite shoes that I bought Parker (he never wore them because by the time I tried them on him, they were too small!) Now they are brand new for Hudson boy!
This little boy is growing so fast! I can't believe he is almost 9 months old already! 
His cheeks are the cutest!
Love you Hudson! :)


  1. I'll second that... His cheeks are the cutest and love you Hudson!!

  2. Of my goodness how I love this boy!!! Love the shirt & shoes ;) Hudson can't wait to kiss on those yummy cheeks!!!