Friday, December 2, 2011

Heaven behind my french doors

I am one happy mama. We finally (after four and a half years of living here) got a back yard! It is so wonderful!
 We went very simple and didn't do any trees or plants but it is SO great having grass and a playground right in my backyard. I leave the doors open all day long and Parker runs in and out. It is one of the best decisions we ever made (besides our most important decision to get married of course!)
 I always wanted to have the kind of house where all of the kids loved to come over and play... I think this is definitely working. The cousins next door love our new backyard!

 Daddy wanted to try it out the slide too! (It's actually pretty fast!)
I baked pumpkin chocolate chip cookies the other day and Parker couldn't have been a happier kid.

Life is good over here!
Happy weekend!

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