Monday, December 19, 2011

I'm a Big Boy Now

This little boy cut his very first tooth (finally) three days ago. He now wants nothing to do with baby food and doesn't care for his bottles like he use to. He's moved onto bigger and better things and wants whatever we are eating. I guess he thinks he's all grown up now that he has a tooth.
 He also says "Mama" (when he looks at me, so I know it's not just a fluke.) He loves to kick and wiggle and I know he will be crawling within the next two weeks! The other day, we bought him these little baby biscuits and gave it to him before we left the store. I had to take it away for the drive home because I didn't want him to choke... and he was MAD! He screamed and cried and kicked off and on for 15 minutes straight. The second we got to our next destination, I gave it back and he grabbed it out of my hand so fast, shoved it in his mouth and had a huge grin on his face like "Yes! That's what I wanted!" He is a determined little guy. 
He recently started making funny faces at himself in the mirror while we drive. It's awesome to watch. Parker use to do the same thing. My boys are both so animated... I wonder where they get that from... :)
Do you think he looks like me much? :)