Wednesday, December 21, 2011


We found a 2 year old's "Dream World" last weekend. There is a guy in Mesa (he owns the famous Tia Rosa's) who is a model train fanatic and turned almost his entire backyard into the most amazing model train town! We felt like kids again oohing and aaahhing over everything. There was a train station that led to scenic landscapes going through mountains and waterfalls and crossing over bridges with hobo figurines sleeping underneath. There attention to the little details was absolutely impeccable! 
Check out the miners takin' a break.

Oh no!!! They've been de-railed! Aaaaaahhh! ... Okay, I'm a nerd. But come on, you have to admit they were awfully clever. Whoever planned all of this out had way too much fun!

 Parker (and Daddy) were in heaven!

 Hudson had fun playing on the lawn with his cousin...
 He wasn't a fan of being a horsey though as you can see. 
 All better, no more horsey rides. Gunnar and Hudson are only 4 weeks apart so it's really fun to get the two of them together!

I can't wait for all of the Christmas festivities this weekend. This is my favorite time of year.
Merry Christmas!

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  1. I love that place!! My dad is friends with that guy and we saw it a few years back... his little warehouse full of trains is ridiculous - he has the most amazing collection I have ever seen!! What a fun place to take the little guys!