Friday, January 27, 2012


Parker's new fascination is gurgling his beverage in his mouth and then saying "Mom, bubbles?" (and he says it in the cutest high pitch voice, I can't even describe it in words.)
Last Saturday, we had a low-key, relaxing day hanging out at home. Steve blew bubbles (the real kind) with the boys in the backyard. They LOVED it!

 Hudson thought that maybe he could see better with his cousin, Kambri's, glasses on...
 He enjoyed discovering new textures like grass and leaves, although I don't think he liked the taste much.
 "Oh, pardon me mother for being so rude. Would you like a nibble?"
And that folks, was our lovely weekend. 

I won't even go into this week (Steve and I both had the flu) and now I have another cold. Boo. 

Steve is snowboarding in beautiful Park City right now. I'm excited to spend the weekend with my sister and her kids! Parker is planning on building forts with his cousins and staying up late (maybe 8:30... crazy I know) to watch movies with Ava.
Happy Friday!

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