Sunday, January 29, 2012

Longest Night of My Life

Well, my little "slumber party idea" really backfired on me! Parker did have fun playing with his cousins. They ate cookies, went to the park, watched movies and made forts.
He slept in Logan and Colton's room in his pack and play under Logan's squeaky bunk bed. They were thrilled to have him sleep in their room. But at one o'clock in the morning, Parker started whimpering so Colton picked him up and brought him to me which resulted in him not going back to bed-- at all! It was kind of fun at first to cuddle him in bed until I realized that he was wide awake and ready to play. After two hours of telling him to be quiet and go to sleep, I was getting very, very grumpy! Here's how one of our conversations went:
Me: Shush!
Parker: (laughing) Shush?... Shush! (He'd never heard that word apparently.)
Me: Shush means be quiet Parker (very sternly.)
Parker:... (giggle) Shush!... (giggle)... Shush!
Me: I'm serious. It's not time to play. It's time to go to sleep.
Parker: Tawah (Tara, my sister laying next to him) where's Wogan and Co-ton?
Tara: They're nigh-night
Parker: I gonna git dem! 
Tara: No, not till the morning Parker. Let's watch Veggie Tales on my phone. (She was nicer than me.)

In crawls Ava into bed (it's about 3:00am now.) She wanted to sleep. Parker wanted to play. So I finally took him downstairs to "sleep on the couch" with me. He fell asleep for an hour. I then took him back up to his pack n play and he started to cry. I picked him up so he wouldn't wake his cousins and he never went back to sleep. It was a never-ending night. Little stinker. Luckily, the cousins woke up at 6:30 and they took Parker for me so I could sleep for a couple hours! I didn't even care that he ate Cheetos for breakfast and had a saggy diaper down to his knee's! I was able to sleep a little! Hallelujah!

Lesson Learned:
Sleep overs do not work for us. I think we will stick to sleeping in our own beds from now on! 
On a happier note: I got 9 straight hours of sleep last night (in my own bed!) And Steve comes home from Park City today! Yay!


  1. I guess it was worth a try. How can they do that? I could never stay up all night and still be able function at all the next day. Little stinker!

  2. Shush! Oh my heck I can't stop laughing! Sorry a about the sleep over not working for you. Parker I'm happy you're still alive, hee, hee!