Monday, February 6, 2012

"George" in the Box

I always thought the Jack in the Box toy (with the freaky clown that popped out) was the scariest, horrible toy for kids. Maybe it's my fear of clowns, but everything about that toy is just plain freaky. However, I came across this absolutely adorable "George in the Box" from The Land of Nod. Now a cute little monkey jumping out of a box-- who could resist such a thing? Parker got one for Christmas from his Mimi. I was so excited!
But to my dismay...
He is still scared of the darn thing! I wish I had a picture to show you how he covers his eyes and turns the knob very slowly... 
He then tells me with squinty eyes, between his little fingers "Mommy, I scared... you do it?" And then I take over. As soon as George pops out (and it startles him every. single. time.) he jumps and screams! It is hilarious!
 It doesn't even faze Hudson. He could watch me do it all day long and not even flinch! 
 He plays so well with toys and keeps himself busy figuring everything out and exploring new textures and tastes. 
 I think the "scared thing" is a faze. Parker also has to sleep with a nightlight as of a couple weeks ago. The first thing he says in the morning is "Mommy! I'm not scared no more!" I reassure him that there is nothing to be scared about and that if he does get scared, to think of Jesus and he won't be scared anymore. :) So far, it works!

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  1. Ya, anything that jumps out of a box is kind of freaky! He's like Buddy on Elf, it freaked him out every time too! LOL