Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Celebrating 5 Years of Marriage: Park City Style!

Steve and I celebrated our anniversary a week early last weekend so that we could hit the ski slopes before the snow melted completely. Park City is such a lovely, enchanting ski town. We treated ourselves to a day of skiing, lots of delicious food, a relaxing/heavenly morning at the spa, beautiful scenic drives through the country and checked out the brand new City Creek Mall in Salt Lake (Steve's least favorite part because it was extremely crowded!) It was a great way to celebrate our five years of marriage to say the least! I'm so glad that I married such a fun guy. We always tell each other that we love each others "aroundedness" (it's a word Jerry Seinfield coined). I'm glad he's not sick of me yet. :) I'm so grateful for my mother-in-law and my Aunt Kristie and Aunt Patty for helping with our kids and spoiling them while we were gone. I'm not sure they wanted us to come home, but I'm glad they had fun!
Here we are in the lodge of our hotel just after arriving in Park City 
 Steve is a snow boarder but he tried skiing with me this weekend. It was fun to ski together (because he's much faster than me on his snowboard!)

 Check out our crazy raccoon eyes from our ski goggles! :)
 We ate a smorgasbord of breakfast food at our hotel before our spa day. It was quite fun to have so many options with their breakfast-all-you-can-eat special!
 We drove up to Midway, UT and got some ice cream at this adorable farm that sold fresh cheese and raw cows milk. It was a beautiful town!

 We got chocolate ice cream with peanut butter cups and carmel-- it was delicious!
 The house below is my dream house!
The houses were all beautiful. This house had their own little pond with a pontoon boat on it-- how cool is that?
 We didn't know that it was the opening weekend of the new City Creek Mall--it was really, really crowded! Maybe not the best day to go shopping, but I had fun buying a few things at H&M! It is one of the most beautiful malls I have ever seen in my life! Pretty spectacular!
What a weekend, I tell you! Thanks for the fun times Stevie! Can't wait to celebrate many more anniversaries with you!


  1. What a fun weekend!!! Those are some great pictures!!! You look AWESOME in EVERY picture!! I love the one of Erin the snow beauty! Also I LOVE that house!! Happy Anniversary early :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Looks like such a fun trip and that house is gorgeous! It seems as though we were all just getting married, where does the time go?

  3. Congrats!! And thanks for your comment! We live in Highlands Ranch- it's probably 20 minutes from Tanners which is great. We would love love to have you join us- whether for a visit or a more permanent arrangement :) Also, next time I see you, I may have to be your next makeover... I'm slightly in desperate need... but only slightly hah.

  4. Happy A day! Looks like you two had fun, we just went snowboarding too and had major racoon eyes!