Monday, March 26, 2012

Monday Make-Over: Ready for Summer

Chelsea could have blue hair and still be beautiful. But she was wanting a change from her all over dark color and wanted to spice up her look in a natural way. I put soft highlights around her face and put highlights sporadically throughout her ends to lighten it up a notch without making her a blonde.
 She had a short pixie hair cut years ago and now she is loving her long luscious locks.

I have a drastic make-over coming up next week. I'm SO excited! And it's finally a short hair cut! Many of you are probably wondering if I do short hair-- the answer is YES! I love doing short hair! Stay tuned...


  1. Love it!! Your makeover Monday is the best!! She's beautiful!!

  2. Chelsea turned out BEAUTIFULLY!!!! Can't wait for next weeks!!!

  3. I love this series! PS: I have a good idea for a Monday Makeover....I'll FB you with it. :)

  4. She looks wonderful!! Erin I need your help! Haha I am definitely in a frumpy stage right now.