Saturday, April 14, 2012

April Showers!

One of my best girl friends, Shari, is having a boy! She has a little girl-- Bella (a.k.a. Parker's girlfriend) and was in desperate need of some BOY things since Bella is ALL girl! I couldn't wait to throw her an "April Showers" themed baby shower (thanks to pinterest for the idea!) The fun part about it was it was cold and overcast today, so it all went perfect with the theme! 

 I've got to get a pun tub next time I have a baby! That thing is awesome! I wish they had one for my size... looks comfy.
 She's gonna kill me for posting this picture but I don't care-- she looks so cute!

The favors were lemon drops with umbrella tags that said "thanks for dropping by."
I love parties.


  1. Everything looks AMAZING! Great job Erin!!! Shari look adorable!!

  2. Love the shower decor! And my sister-in-law wore that same maxi dress to her shower in March, too funny! :)