Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Makeover: A New Woman

Kim's hair was needing color and shine. I gave her some natural highlights around the face to brighten up her look with seamless layers and round brushed her hair to give her bounciness and shine. As for her make-up, I used my favorite Covergirl coverstick underneath her eyes and used a light foundation, bronzer  a dash of blush on her cheek bones and gave her eyes a pop with shadow, eye liner and mascara! Check her out!


 She is such a genuinely fun, easy-going lady. Now her outer beauty matches her inner beauty!
Doesn't she look like a new woman?!


  1. Love your monday makeovers! You took 20 years off this beauty! Great job!!

  2. Kim turned out so beautiful!! I love everything about this makeover...especially love Kim herself!!! Great job Erin!!

  3. oh my! she looks like 20 years younger now! she look s so good!