Wednesday, May 16, 2012

sunshine singers

Parker has been taking a little singing class for the past few months and he had his singing performance last Saturday. It was the cutest! He was kind of in a daze the whole time because he was trying to figure out what was going on and why he was on stage singing for an audience. He took the class with his girlfriend Bella. They are so funny together! There was a part in the show when Lindsay (their singing teacher) told all the boys to stand up and sing their part in the warm up. Bella bounced up with the boys, but Parker was not having it. He kept pointing at her and telling her to sit down. It was hilarious. Then when it came time for the girls to stand up and the boys to sit down, he was in a complete daze, staring off into space and it took Lindsay saying his name twice in the microphone for him to snap out of it and sit down! :) We got it on tape and I'm so glad we did, because it was so funny! 
Parker is such a musically talented child. He sings around the house all day long and has been that way since before he could talk. I am so glad we put him in this class. We will definitely be doing it again!
Best Buds!
"Umm.... you're kind of choking me Bella!"

His favorite song that he learned was "Me and My Teddy Bear." He will sing it for anyone if they ask him to. It's awesome!
Hudson loved watching the children sing! He sat on my mother-in-laws lap and sang E-I-E-I-O at the top of his lungs the entire time! He's such a fun little boy and he loves music just as much as Parker.

We couldn't find Parker after the show was over, and when we finally went backstage, we found him sword fighting with blow up guitars-- a classic "Parker moment." :)

Hudson had fun getting tossed up in the air by Papa...
 ... and taking licks off of Parker's popsicle.

 They had fun eating popsicles after the show!
Parker and the beautifully talented Linsey Maxson! She is an incredible singer and great performer!

So proud of my little Parker boy. He is growing up way too fast, but it is fun watching him grow and experience all of the fun things that life has to offer. 
I hope he will never stop singing to me. He is my little entertainer all day long and makes life so much fun in our home.
Good job Parker boy! You're the man!


  1. So fun when they take to music. Val Jr and Clarissa use to be in the Sunshine Generation. Wonder if its the same.

  2. How funny I did sunshine singers when I was a little girl! I didn't know Lindsey was still doing it!! So fun I should get dyson involved...

  3. Super cute! I WANT those coral pants! Wherever did you find them?

  4. Why thank you Erna! I got them at Kohl's online and the best part is-- they were on sale for $20! Go get some! They are my new favorite and oh so comfortable! :-)