Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ava's Summer Fun Party!

We went to went to little Miss Ava's 4th birthday party at Nana and Papa's house on Satrday. My parents bought a huge blow up swimming pool with slide just for the occasion. When we pulled up to their house, I squealed like a little kid out of excitement. Next time, I will for sure bring my swim suit so I can join in on the fun. Parker had a blast! At first he was leery about going down the slide and wanted us to hold his hand. By the end, he was going down backwards and Logan and Colton were chucking him like a football down the little slide (the one in the middle that looks like a tunnel.) He slept goooooood that night!
The birthday girl, Ava. I can't believe she is 4 already!

 Hudson loves his Papa!
 The great grandmothers had fun chatting (even though my grandma has dimentia and can hardly carry on a conversation.)

 Hudson LOVED the water!
He even went down the slide with Colton!

 I think his favorite part of the day was hanging out with with bud, Coco. He LOVES Colton and will go to him before anybody!

 Steve took everybody's Chipotle orders on his iPad...he should have made tips on his excellent service! ;)

Although Arizona summers are very HOT, swimming makes it all bearable! Can't wait for family vacation to San Diego soon. We're going to take the kids to Sea World, the beach, and to the movies to see Brave. I have a love/hate relationship with summer. I hate running errands in the torturous heat, but I love swimming and vacation so it makes up for the miserable heat!

Happy birthday Ava bean!

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