Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday Makeover: My beautiful Sister

Wow, it's been a whole week since I last blogged. I have a lot of fun pictures to share, but I feel like every week goes by faster and faster. This week will for sure go by super fast because it's my birthday on Wednesday and I am throwing a baby shower for my friend, Katie on Saturday. Hopefully I will get around to blogging because I am waaaaaaay behind!
Anywho, my gorgeous sister, Krista, who is turning (cough cough) 30 in July, was in need of some hair TLC. She had some ashy roots coming in and major split ends that were begging to be trimmed. We are celebrating her 30th birthday in New York (girls trip + my dad... because he is a good sport with the shopping and shows!) I. cannot. wait. First time ever in my married life that I will be taking a girls trip! Woo hoo! Check out my hot sister-- she's also single... so keep her in mind if you know a great guy who is preferably in his 30s and mature/fun/good looking/wants to be sealed in the temple/wants adorable children, because Krista will have beautiful children and will make a great mother. She is going to kill me for posting that. So sue me that I love you Krista!


To describe Krista as a thoughtful, kind person is an understatement. She went out of her way to take back a movie to the library for me so that I didn't have to load up my kids in the car. That right there, is the kind of service oriented person she is. She would take the shirt off her back for anyone in need. When I was little, I went to the ER because I had a piece of glass in my eye (OUCH!) When I got home, she made me a "Welcome Home" poster and gave me all of the money in her piggy bank (it was probably like  $5.27 in coins-- which is a lot for a little kid!) 
Can't wait for our girl's trip!


  1. Beautiful!!! Krista you look great! And i couldn't agree more with you Erin- she is the most kind hearted person ever! I love her to death!! You are lucky she is your sister!!

  2. She looks beautiful!! Ditto to everything you said about her!

  3. Krista, you look HOT. No way your almost 30:)