Thursday, August 30, 2012

Emergency 911-- Ombre gone bad!

I haven't been good at posting makeovers for the past few months on my blog. But I had to share of couple of emergency calls I got from two girls that wanted ombre color that did not turn out. I will give you 3 major hair rules to abide by:
1. Never-- I repeat never-- let a friend do your hair who is not a licensed cosmetologist. 
2. Never use box color on your hair. (especially when coloring over blonde.) Box colors have so many metallic dyes and hidden undertones that will usually make the hair either ashy (if coloring over blonde) or orange (if coloring over your natural hair color.) 
3. Be very careful when going to a beauty school to get your hair done-- especially if you want something drastic! Now, I won't say don't go to a beauty school, because they need practice. I'm sure appreciative to everyone who gave me a chance in beauty school! I wouldn't be where I am without you all. But-- if you want something more than just natural highlights or an all over color-- go to a licensed professional!

With that being said...
Victim #1:
 This sweet girl went to a friend who colored brown over her platinum blonde hair with box color which resulted (after two times of coloring it) looking like this:

 Super ashy, fried, and dingy!
 I added a lot of copper, red tones to cancel out the ash and added in blonde (very carefully) to give her some brightness and shine!

 Victim #2: Beauty school "ombre" (done by the instructor sadly enough) gone wrong. They dyed her hair twice also, which completely fried her hair.
It looks like they dunked the bottom half of her hair in bleach...
 She wouldn't leave her house for days people. The poor girl!
 I added dark back into the bottom and brought in some soft highlights on the top to blend and soften her look.

I recommended for both of these ladies to do a deep conditioning treatment once to twice a week and to be careful with using too much heat on their hair for the next few weeks. I thought they both turned out beautiful!

 I got tiger stripes (super blonde and dark chunks) in high school by a beauty school student that I use to work with. I bawled my eyes out when I got home and wouldn't go anywhere until I got it fixed. Luckily, a lady that did hair out of her house was able to get me in to fix it before my first day of my junior year started. There were a lot of tears shed over that one! Live and learn though, right?!

Have any of you ever had a nightmare hair experience? Come on, I think we all have at least once in our lives! Do share...


  1. I went to the Bon Losee Academy in Provo for a haircut a few days before we were to come down to Arizona for Dillon's brother's wedding. All I asked for was a basic trim and some front layers. I had very long hair at the time so I really didn't think the girl could mess it up, plus she told me it was her last day of cosmetology school because she was graduating in a few days. Anyway, the haircut not only took 3 hours (NO color, mind you!) but she hacked off the shortest layer so far up they might as well had been bangs. Didn't think out the ends at all so I just had this choppy look all down the front of my hair. It was so upsetting! I have never been back to a beauty school since. Not worth the risk!

    To make matters worse, the next day I was using my sister's flat iron on my new horrible cut and didn't realize how hot it was -- totally burned off part of the long "bangs" in the front! Oh man, that was so awful. Worst hair experience ever.

  2. Wow, Jenna! That is a horrible hair story! Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. You always have great hair ever since I've known you!

  3. These are amazing! I definitely need to schedule with you if I'm ever back in Arizona!