Friday, September 7, 2012

what we've been up to...

 Nothing really crazy or super exciting to report. We're just enjoying life with the boys. Hudson is growing up so fast and has a really big appetite lately. He pounds down two bowls of cereal for breakfast every morning and he can even eat an entire taco bell burrito in five minutes flat! He is beginning to out eat his three year old brother. 

We organized for 6 hours straight on Labor Day. It felt great to get the boys closets and drawers organized and our pantry and storage closets clean and tidy again!
 Hudson is enjoying his one-on-one time with Mommy while Parker is at preschool. It's hard not to spoil that cute boy! He melts my little heart.
 Parker and I went on a date to the movie theaters to see Brave. I loved it and he loved everything but the scary bear scenes (he covered his eyes until those scenes were over... it was kind of sad!)
 We went and saw "Nemo and Dori" at Petco one day when we were bored. My boys were in heaven!
 Parker and I got some cuddle time on Sunday and talked about our upcoming Disneyland trip in December! He is SO excited (and that might be an understatement.)
 I found my new favorite frozen yogurt place called Zoyo. I may or may not have eaten it two days in a row after discovering it!
Parker is really into dressing up lately in costumes. He is hilarious and has one of the best imaginations I have ever seen. Every scenario he thinks of in his head always involves a hero and a bad guy-- always. He is pretty much the coolest kid I know.
He talked Bella into dressing up with him (wigs and all!)
 Wearing his daddy's old superman cape.

Today, we are enjoying the crazy thunderstorms outside! Our park is completely flooded, the picnic tables are fully immersed under water and trash cans are floating around the streets! It is so fun! My boys are intrigued by it all. Arizona thunderstorms are hands down the best in the nation in my opinion.
Happy Friday!


  1. awwww love it!! Your family is precious... it rained really good at our house today. I had to run out and get some milk for Mason, and when i returned I saw the front door was open,and I knew that daddy had let Mason out to frolic in the rain... it was so cute :}

  2. My kids were so excited before Disneyland, too! We would watch videos of rides on youtube almost everyday leading up to the trip.