Monday, August 6, 2012

Growing Up Too Fast

I have really been a slacker lately with keeping my blog updated. We have just been busy with our day to day life which consists of eating, playing, cooking/cleaning, exercising, doing hair and watching the Olympics! I LOVE the olympics-- especially the gymnastics and swimming! Go Gabby Douglas! She is the cutest! 
Parker really got into watching the Olympics with us the other night and kept yelling "Yeah! We winned!! We winned!" Who knows, maybe he will be the next Michael Phelps or Ryan Lochte... 

 Hudson found his new favorite thing-- the cozy coupe car is back in service. It has been parked in our garage for some time now and he spotted it and kept pointing for Steve to get it. He LOVES pushing it around the house while making car noises. It is the cutest thing to watch!

These boys sure love their daddy. They got in some snuggle time after their baths just before bed. 
I think know daddy was in heaven and never wanted that moment to end. 
This morning I cried at the thought of sending Parker to preschool next month. It makes me so sad to think he won't be around all day every day anymore. He's my little buddy. But I know he will love it and he needs to go. It's just two days a week for 2.5 hours so it will be okay. I just know that once you send them to school, that's the end of their toddlerhood and that thought puts a big pit in my stomach. I will have to cherish every second I have with my boys because they are growing up too darn fast and I wish I could slow time down and keep them my adorable, fun, cuddly little boys forever.

Happy Monday!


  1. Beautiful family! Love living next door, but wish I saw you more!

  2. What a cute post! I think it's important for all the moms out there to remember how fleeting time is with our kids. It sure helps me to be patient with my little man. I love all the pictures!

  3. Sending my oldest to preschool for the first time was so hard for me...but he totally loved it! I can't believe how quickly they grow!

  4. I love this post. It brought back memories of you and your sisters. That time went by so quickly and yet I have 4 beautiful talented daughters that are now adults doing what I did all those years ago... only better! I love the pic of Hudson peeking over the steering wheel... what a doll!!