Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Saturday chores

 I can definitely say that we are weekend warriors and Saturdays are my favorite! Last weekend, we planted some hydrangea's in our potted plant and another pretty plant with purple blossoms (like the one in the upper right corner in the picture below) next to our entryway. The boys had fun hanging out on the front lawn eating doritos and watching us work in the yard. Even though it is miserably hot here, I know that fall will be here in a couple months and that is what keeps me in Arizona. But for now, we make the best of our AZ summers and swim a lot on the weekends and try to stay indoors in the air conditioning for the most part. :)

 Parker is really good at sharing with Hudson. He would make a run inside the house every few minutes and get a dorito for him and a dorito for Hudson. Melted my heart to watch. They sat there and ate their doritos in perfect content, watching us work and pointed at the airplanes and helicopters that flew by.
I said it before and I'll say it again: Sibling love is the best.

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