Monday, September 17, 2012

Steve is the MAN!

Steve turned 30 last weekend!! I wanted to do something really special for him so I threw him a surprise party. It was hard to pull off (because he is the world's hardest person to surprise... about anything!) I took him to dinner and had his brother, Tanner, call him towards the end of dinner to tell him that there was a guy that had a really cool Razor for sale and wanted to know if we wanted to come over to their house to go for a test drive (we want to buy a razor with Tanner.) When we showed up, Steve started asking a million questions like "Why is the garage shut? Where is the guy's truck and why is there no trailer?" At that point, I just said I don't know and tried not to crack a smile while walking to the front door. When Tanner opened the door, we were greeted and then walked into the family room where all of Steve's close family and friends yelled "SURPRISE!!!" I wish I got a picture of his face. It was awesome.
Thank you Tanner and Meredith for letting us have the party at your new amazing house!! It was perfect!
We had an ice cream sundae bar and I made the theme 
"Steve is the Man" because I feel like 30 truly makes him a man. ;)

 A couple of Steve's old high school buddies and their wives.

 We played "Pin the stache on Steve"! It's a lot harder than you think... :)

We even got some hilarious entertainment from Samson and his brother Byron. They are Samoan and  did a traditional Samoan war dance for us. It was hilarious yet I was scared for my life all at the same time. It was like they turned possessed, they were so into it. It was awesome! Amazing entertainment right there!
 I made Steve a banner with a bunch of pictures that said "30 reasons why Steve is the man:" and named a reason on every picture. :)
 I made favors for everybody with Sour Patch kids in them. Those are his favorite candy. Even though he is now a man, he will always be a kid at heart. 
 And that's why I love that man.
Now, Steve: I mustache you a question-- will you be my boyfriend for forever? Okay. You will?! Sweet!
Hope you had a great 30th birthday, babe!
I sure love you. :)


  1. What a sweet post! I wish Casey would have let me do something like that for his 30th, but he hates surprise parties and he is always one step ahead. I'm so glad you got to surprise him.

  2. How fun! Looks like you guys had a great party! Did those guys do the "haka" for the party? I love it. We see it so much out here. The kids in elementary school even learn it!

  3. Yes, Stephanie! They did a dance like the haka. It was a Soamoan war dance I guess. It was pretty intense!!