Thursday, September 13, 2012

Ny newest niece

My incredible sister, Tara, had a sweet baby girl (#5!) a couple of days ago. They named her Paisley and she is sweet, and beautiful and perfect. She really completes their family. When Tara posted a picture of all of her kids with Paisley, I remember thinking to myself, man--now they seem complete! I wonder when I will feel that for my own family. I know we are going to have more kids, but I don't know when or how many yet. I'm just enjoying one kid at a time. 
Anyway... isn't Paisley sweet??

Don't mind Hudson's red eyes in the picture below-- he was overly tired and was crying a couple of minutes before the pic was taken. :)
 Steve is so cute with babies. I especially think he will turn to moosh if and when he has a little girl. He's got a soft spot in his heart for girls. :) Reminds me of my grandpa Steele!
Parker had fun playing in the closet in the hospital room.

 He was so sweet and kept looking up at Tara and wanted to climb in bed and cuddle her. It was like he knew that she just gone through something really hard to bring his sweet cousin here. And she did... her epidural wore off and she felt everything when she delivered the baby. She said she threw up every time she pushed because of the pain. I think she is a rockstar! Go Tara, you are stronger than I!

 This might be my favorite picture. Parker is hilarious.
Congratulations Tara and Aaron! You guys sure make beautiful babies!

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  1. Awwww I love her name, and she is absolutley gorgeous! I totally have baby fever....Congrats!!!!