Monday, November 12, 2012

If you need a laugh: check out these Team Pictures

I took Parkers soccer team pictures. I almost died laughing when I went through the team photo's and saw Parkers facial expressions. Check them out...

 The picture below is by far my favorite. His eyes!!
This was the best one we got of the team-- remind me never to become a photographer (I have so much respect for you professional photographers. You've got to have patience and major skills to do that one for a living!)
He doesn't really like playing soccer. I guess we started him too young (although Hudson is only 20 months and he shows way more interest in playing than Parker.) The other day, only five of the kids showed up for the game. None of them were excited about playing that day. Parker literally pretended like he was sleeping in the middle of the game. He would eventually walk over to his chair, with his eyes closed, and sit down until we would pick him up and stick him back into the game. It was hard not to laugh... I mean, come on-- look at him! He is pretty clever, that boy!
He definitely loves to make people laugh, that's for sure. I love that little ham! 
Doesn't he look so grown up? When did that happen??