Friday, December 28, 2012

Santa came to our front door.

Parker got to sit on Santa's lap three different times this year and couldn't have been more excited!!

Hudson, not so much...
 Another highlight was getting our first homemade gift from Parker. This picture
 describes his hilarious personality to the tee:
 We went to a family party and Hudson and Paisley showed up wearing the same outfit. You can see their excitement about it in this picture. Steve has now banned the red pants and said they are girl pants. I think they are adorable! 
 We had Christmas Eve dinner at my in-laws and the kids had fun playing and talking about Christmas.
We told Parker it was time to go home and get ready for bed because Santa was coming. He looked at us, with the look of horror on his face and said "I don't want Santa to come in our house." He was not so sure about having Santa coming inside of his house while he was sleeping. That is a valid concern. :) So Steve sent Santa a text and asked him to "Please drop his presents off at the door and his mom and dad would bring them inside in the morning. Thank you and Merry Christmas." When he woke up in the morning and we told him Santa came and had to reassure him that he did not come inside. :) 
The boys were very excited to see what Santa brought them in the morning. They must have been good boys because I always dreamed of having one of these when I was a kid! :)

 We headed to my parents for more presents, food and fun!

 Parker had fun playing with cousins all day long!

 Dad smoked a roast in his Traeger and it was AMAZING!
 Three of my favorite women on the left. And my awesome brother-in-law, Aaron, on the right. His birthday happens to be on Christmas!

We went to my in-laws house on Christmas afternoon and had a wonderful Christmas there too. All of the kids pitched in and bought them a Blendtec. When Shari unwrapped it, Ralph laughed. Then she opened his gift to her, and we understood why he thought it was funny! He had the same idea in mind! It was awesome. 
Christmas was so much fun! Hope you all had a great Christmas too!

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