Thursday, December 27, 2012

Part III: Final Disneyland Post!

Day 2:
 Hudson is one happy little boy. He danced, spinned and giggled for the longest time in front of the Small World ride.

 "Aaaaahhhh! Get me outta here!!"

                Hudson is a "Patty's boy!" He calls Kristie and Patty "Patty." They are one. :)

 Here are a few instagram photos I took while on our trip:

 "Whoa, that's a BIG slice of pizza!!!"
Burrito attack!!
 We are kind of passionate about food... if you haven't noticed!
 After Disneyland, we went to Del Mar for a few days and relaxed at Mimi's beach house. The kids had fun playing at the Del Mar park.

 We had to have breakfast at our favorite place in La Jolla, Brockton Villa. Their coast toast (stuffed french toast) is the best!

The boys stayed entertained with lots of movies and snacks for the drive home. We let them pick out their favorite candy at the gas station and they both picked M&M's. 

And that is the end of our amazing California vacation. Can we go back now?!

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