Wednesday, January 30, 2013

New Zoo-- Hey that Rhymed!

Steve's work paid for the company to go to the Wildlife World Zoo a couple weekends ago. They bought our tickets (and we got extra for Aunty Krista too), our meals (which I didn't eat because I'm eating healthy), and paid for each of us to go on two rides! I was pleasantly surprised by how awesome it was. In fact, I liked it better than the Phoenix Zoo. If only it wasn't an hour away...
Reasons why I like it so much:
1. It's kind of rural feeling and not crowded at all.
2. You get SUPER close to the animals.
3. They have amazing aquariums! 
4. They have fun rides like a train ride where you get up close and personal with ostriches and other animals, a gondola ride, a water log ride and a carousel.

*The best part of the day might have been when we saw the turtles (all of them) mating. I never knew turtles made noises until then. It was quite funny and awkward to witness all at the same time.*

 Pizza attack!
 "Cheeeeeeeese!" That kid has the best personality, I tell ya!

 Parker was tired and took a little break in the stroller.

Much thanks to Steve's work for treating us to such a fun day! We are really enjoying the BEAUTIFUL Arizona weather right now! It couldn't be any more perfect! 

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