Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Random updates on Life's Happenings

Life at our house is always crazy. My boys are finishing up their last week of swim lessons. Parker is swimming a lot better and loves yelling "Cannon ball!" when jumping off of the diving board. Hudson likes it a lot better then when he first started. He is still unsure about the diving board and holding his breath under water for more than 3 seconds. Parker was having fun soaking up the sun before his turn to do his lessons with Ms. Allison.
Hudson knows how to start off our morning with a good laugh. This is how we found him the other morning. He's starting a new fashion trend.
The boys had their first sleepover with cousin Hadley. I enjoyed having girl time and painting her dainty little nails and putting her hair in pig tails the next morning! She is so girly, I love it!

We've had lots of snuggle time reading books lately, which is a favorite thing to do for the both of us.
We're trying to get Hudson to stop shoving tissue up his nose. It's his new thing. We had to pull over while driving the other day because he shoved it up his nose so far, that I had to dig it out with a pen cap. 

We took our boys to my dad's chiropractic office to get adjusted. Everything was laughs and giggles...
 ...until Parker got his leg stuck in my dad's adjusting bed! Papa had to lather on some slippery lubricant all over his leg to get it out. That was a first for my dad! Of course it would be my Parker boy to stick his leg in there!
 Parker has the best hair ever. He wakes up with the most out of control bed head. After laughing and taking a picture (I love Hudson in the background) he came to me with two rollers in his wet hair! He is such a ham, I love his sense of humor!

It was nice to have a girls morning for my friend, Alex's, birthday last weekend. Girl time always recharges my mommy batteries! We treated ourselves to good food, fun conversation and getting our nails done.
 Watching my boys hold hands while walking into the gym made my mommy heart turn into moosh. It's moments like these that make all of the crazy, overwhelming times worth it! I love my crazy, fun, busy little boys. 


  1. I love to read your blog!! It's so entertaining!!!

    1. I'm glad I can entertain you mom!! My boys sure are entertaining to say the least! ha!

  2. Your boys are so cute! I love the one of Parker's bed head and Hudson sticking stuff up his nose, too funny!!

    1. Thanks Jessie! Hudson's face in the background is awesome! ha ha!