Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Time Fun!

Since it's in the triple digits and you feel like you're baking when you step outside in the dreadful summer heat, I've been trying to get creative and do fun things with my boys to keep them entertained and not cooped up in our house. So far its consisted of lots of summer movies, swimming, eating out, and lots of Target and Costco runs (we really like their samples, I'm not gonna lie!)

 Parker started a summer school at an adorable Montessori preschool. He was so excited for his first day. As I was getting him dressed and ready to go, he said "Are they going to say I'm the new kid and sing me a song?" I love the way he thinks. He is a very cheerful, happy spirit and he loves learning new things, exploring and playing with other kids. I'm really happy we chose to put him in summer school this month. 
 I love that he still wears a superman cape to the store and doesn't care what people think about him. I wish I could bottle up his innocence and cuteness forever!
 My boys favorite thing to do is throw all the couch cushions on the ground and jump into them while yelling "Cannon ball!!" They also love wrestling, building trains, blowing bubbles, eating popsicles and Hudson pretty much copies everything Parker says and does (which can be both good and bad.) When Hudson wakes up, the first thing he says to us is "What the heck a bad word. Right?" He says that phrase at least 15 times a day. We're working on getting him to stop... but it's kinda funny!
 He is getting so big, I can't even believe it. How did my baby grow up so fast??
 Hudson insisted on wearing his belt buckle over his t-shirt to the park. Choose your battles, right?

I love watching them cuddle and show each other love and affection. It seriously makes my heart want to burst with love. Even though I have days where I am ready to pull my hair out or feel completely exhausted, I absolutely love this stage of life that they are in and want to freeze time. They are my everything.
Happy Summer!

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