Friday, February 21, 2014

Going to the Dentist

Parker went to the dentist to get a cleaning and exam. When Dr. Fulcher came in the room while I was getting my teeth cleaned to tell me how many cavities he had, I about fell out of my chair! He had 8 cavities and needed a root canal on one of his teeth because it was so close to the nerve! Seriously?? I thought I might have had an anxiety attack right then and there. 
So many feelings of guilt came over me. I felt like the worst mom ever. Steve and I are really good about brushing his teeth morning and night. He doesn't really drink juice or soda and it's not like candy is an everyday thing we eat in our house. Plus, Parker likes us to brush his teeth and loves going to the dentist-- for some odd reason. So it came as a shocker!
He had to get laughing gas and his mouth numbed for his root canal appointment along with a few other fillings. They said he did so good, never cried and made them laugh the whole time. He kept laughing and poking at Billy's face (ahem... Dr. Fulcher's face.) They said he talked their ear off the whole time even though they couldn't understand a word he was saying with all of the stuff they had in his mouth! :) He's such a funny boy. When we got in the car however, he was very mad that his numbing hadn't worn off yet and kept saying "I hate being numbed! I wish this would go away!" Poor guy. This time, he didn't gnaw his lip off like he did last year at the dentist!
 When it came time to go to his last appointment to get his final cavities filled, he begged me to not have them numb his mouth. I told him that it might hurt if they didn't numb it but the doctor would try. I told him if he was brave and didn't cry, I would buy him new legos. That boy is driven and determined. He came out at the end of his appointment and yelled "I didn't cry, I get legos now!! Let's go get them at Target mom!" 
He's such a tough kid. 
Doesn't he look so big? He is going through a major growth spurt lately and is hungry all. the. time! He seriously out eats me, and I'm 9 months pregnant!! I love that boy so much!

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