Monday, March 10, 2014

Parker's Trip to the ER

We had quite the scare last Thursday with our little Parker boy. My parents came out for the day to spend some time with us. They took us to lunch and then took the boys shopping for cowboy boots at Boot Barn. It was all going great until right after my parents left to go home. Parker started chasing a balloon around the house and we were tossing it back and forth to each other. He thought it would be fun to close his eyes while catching the balloon, but what he didn't see was the little Ikea table right in front of him. He fell and busted his forehead open on the corner of the table and all I saw next as I jumped off of the couch was Parker screaming with blood everywhere. I ran and got a towel to put on his forehead and prayed to God that my parents hadn't left yet. I ran out the front door and lo and behold, they were still standing outside talking to Mimi (my mother-in-law.) I yelled in a panicked voice for help. Hudson slept through the whole ordeal luckily. Shari and Ralph stayed with Hudson while my dad held Parker in the back of the car as we rushed to the Emergency room. I am so grateful that all of the grandparents were there to help. It was truly a blessing! I don't know how I would have done it without them being 9 months pregnant (I'm surprised this didn't put me into labor!!) Parker was such  brave boy and remained calm once we got to the hospital. He even fell asleep in Papa's arms in the waiting room. 

I told him that I would take him to get ice cream after his owiee was fixed and he replied in a very calm serious voice, "It's okay Mom. I'm fine. But I do want to go get some new socks for my cowboy boots." :) I said "We can definitely get you some new socks buddy. Aren't you hungry? Where would you like to eat?" and he responded "I don't know... maybe Cheesecake Factory or something." I found that so funny. My little Parker has refined tasted. I thought he would say Taco Bell or Chick-fil-A. He is such a good little boy. We took him to Chick-fil-A that night and Cheesecake Factory the next night.

He was excited to talk to his daddy on the hospital phone. We all sat around him, listening to his funny conversation. He is so much like Steve-- very level headed, thinks everything through and is very logical about things. He said "Hi Dad. I split my head open but its not broken. They are going to fix it... We're already at the hospital... We're in room number 1." :) I love how calm and collected he was. The only time he cried in the hospital was when they had to numb him and then give him local anesthesia with a needle in his cut and then wrapped him in a burrito. After he stopped crying and the PA was stitching him up, he said in a very calm voice, "When can I not be a burrito anymore?... Could you wipe my eyes please?" and the doctor responded with a big smile "Yes, of course! Thank you for asking so nicely" as she wiped his teary eyes. He looked up at her with his beautiful, big blue eyes and said "You have hair on your face." She said "Well, I hope I have hair on my head" and he said "No, you have hair on your face." :) (Steve and I were dying, trying not to laugh!!) She said "I'm getting a complex, do I need to wax?!" Everybody was laughing at that point! Oh Parker boy, I love your brutal honesty! 
 19 stitches later, he was good to go! They did 8 stitches under the skin and 11 on the outer layer of the skin. He has told every person that he meets that he split his head open and got 19 stitches in his forehead since the accident. Although I was sad that he was going to have a permanent scar on his beautiful face, he has a cool battle wound that will make him look extra tough I guess. 
He got the stitches removed last night and he has been very careful about touching it and going in the sun. He even covers his forehead when he goes outside because he heard the doctor say not to get it sunburnt for the next year. I love how cautious and careful he is. I'm just so glad that he is such a brave little boy! I love Parker! :)

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