Thursday, August 28, 2014

How is Everett 5 months already?!

 These pictures were taken when he was two weeks old. He is definitely our biggest baby!

 So much changes is 5 months! A few things that have kept me from blogging is having 3 kids under the age of 5, going on 2 vacations and having our house flood on the second one which resulted in us living in a hotel for 3 weeks (so we were out of our house for a month total!) We are finally getting settled back into our house which feels like a brand new home-- new carpet, tile in bathrooms, paint throughout the entire house, new dry wall in dining room and new canned lights throughout our house. It was a lot of work but totally worth it now! Parker started kindergarten, Hudson started preschool today and Everett is finally starting to get on a normal schedule now that we have our home back. It feels good to have routine again.  I am ready to start updating my blog again. Its therapeutic for me. I wanted to post pictures of Everett to show how much he has changed over the past five months. I have taken hundreds of pictures but had to narrow it down or this would be the worlds longest blog post!

A few things Everett is doing at 5 months (turns 5 months in 3 days):
*Cooing and laughing
*Loves people
*Kicks his legs constantly
*Loves breastfeeding and doesn't love bottles
*Loves his paci
*sleeping better (slept 6 straight ours last night, ate and went back to bed for 4 straight hours!)
*Loves to suck on his hands
*Loves his brothers
*Loves to be held
*Tried rice cereal and bananas-- he's undecided if he likes it
*Has super long eyelashes
*Melts all of our hearts

Everett gets smothered by his older brothers but it doesn't even phase him. He adores them and watches every move they make. Parker said that school is hard because he really misses Everett. Needless to say, he is very loved by all!

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