Thursday, August 28, 2014

So much has happened...

I don't even know where to start. So much has happened these past five months! One cool thing the boys got was a custom bunk bed made by their awesome Uncle McKay! I showed him the bunk bed I wanted from Land of Nod and he made it! The boys love sharing a bunk bed!

 We have done a lot of swimming this summer! Hudson looks awesome all geared up in this picture. Now he WILL NOT wear his floatie. He is a "big boy" and doesn't need it!

 Uncle McKay left for his mission to Pennsylvania. It was sad to see him go because the boys absolutely adore him! But I know he is in the right place and will change lives spreading the Gospel for the next two years!

Another huge thing that happened was Parker started KINDERGARTEN!! We put him in a Montessori program and so far he is loving it. It was sad to send him to all day school. But I love seeing how much fun he is having and all the things he is telling me he is learning. My favorite questions are when he asks me about different states and countries. His favorite country right now is Australia. He talks a lot about that one for some reason! I also loved when he asked me if we live in North America or South America. What kindergartner asks those questions?! He is also reading so well and his writing has improved drastically already. Kids are like little sponges. It's so fun to watch them learn and grow right before your eyes. Pretty soon, I'm going to be asking him questions because he is so dang smart! I love that boy!

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  1. I love these updates! It's so fun to have these pictures and memories to look back on!