Monday, October 17, 2016

Acts of Love and Service Part 1

Hudson was having a mad craving for Barro's pizza dipped in ranch. My awesome friend, Jade, brought him his own personal pizza with a "H" made in pepperoni's. It brought a big smile to his sweet little face! He was starting to feel pretty tired, weak and crumby all the time. The steroids are anabolic so they make you weak instead of strong like most people would assume. The vincristene (chemo) caused leg pain so he would not walk because of it. We carried him everywhere... the bathroom, car, bed and the kitchen table pretty much. That was his life. It was really hard to watch my sweet, energetic, hilarious, full of life Hudson turn into a sick, weak, cranky, hungry and confused boy. I felt pretty strong about 3/4 of the time and I know it was from the prayers buoying us up along the way. But I definitely had many moments where I broke down privately in my room with the door closed wondering how this was my new reality. It all felt so surreal that my Hudson boy had CANCER. What an ugly word that is! I knew that as hard and painful and depressing as it was, I had to be strong for my family. I knew we would not only get through this, but it would mold me into the woman God wanted me to be. I had to trust that He knew I could do it and become stronger because of it. I heard a saying, "Life doesn't happen TO you. It happens FOR you." Isn't that the truth? We go through trials in life to make us grow and become stronger and to see our true potential and strength we never knew we had. 

 Lindsay, my amazing sister-in-law, made plans for us to get pedicures and get frozen yogurt one day. It was the best to get out of the house and do something fun for myself that didn't involve taking care of my kids. It was very therapeutic and I was so grateful that she knew I needed that and made it happen. Lindsay has brought us dinner EVERY Thursday for the first 7 months of his treatment! She went above and beyond for our family. I don't know how I will ever express my gratitude enough to her.
 This was a meal my good friend, Lyndi, brought us after we got home from the hospital. I know it sounds silly to post a food picture, but this steak dinner was such an act of love and service that brought us to tears. She made it for us on a Saturday and truly put her heart into making us a delicious homemade meal that even included chocolate muffins for dessert. So many people brought meals and treats and cards. I wish I could name them all and thank them all personally but I have 7 more months to catch up here on this dusty blog. 
 Steve sent me this picture of him and Hudson after his bath and a fresh pair of pajamas while we were at church. We had to take turns going to church every other week while Hudson was going through his rough first 7 months of treatment.
 This was one of 3 sunshine baskets I received from friends. It truly meant the world to have friends bring such thoughtful gifts at such a dark time in my life. I have really come to realize who my true friends are through this experience. It's been truly humbling to experience.

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