Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Cravings and thick hair

     Hudson's cravings were kicking in-- full effect! All he cared about was food. I couldn't bribe him with toys or movies-- he only thought about food (obsessed about it really.) It was the craziest thing to watch. I've never seen the kid throw down so much food in his life but telling him no was seriously not an option because it was the only thing that brought him joy and satisfaction during that super crappy time. So we pretty much gave into every craving ranging from grilled fish and veggies to cheese balls to hamburgers to ice cream sandwiches... you name it. He wanted it!
 We brought him to Parkers flag football practice because he really wanted to come watch. He had to wear a mask because we worried about him catching anything. I was so attached to his dark, thick, luscious beach waves. I took this picture because I couldn't believe he still had this much hair a month into it! but literally the next day, it started shedding like crazy. It wasn't falling out in chunks per say, but it was all over his pillow case and even getting in his food. So we knew it wouldn't be long before it all came out.

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